Meditation Classes Based on Science. Customized for Beginners, from Home.

-Select your needs. Science defines the best technique for you. A coach instructs you the meditation from home (via webcam).-


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Different Meditations Create Different Results

Scientific studies have shown that each meditation technique creates different levels of benefits. The most famous ones are transcendence, mindfulness, and vipassana.

Based on the benefits you need, we match and instruct you the meditation that science showed to be best for what you need (e.g.: depression relief + improved sleep). If there are no positive scientific results for the benefits you seek, we won’t instruct a meditation.


How You'll Feel


Remember those few times a year you had a great night of sleep? How much rest and clarity you felt? That's how meditation makes you feel... every day! 

When a muscle is continuously exercised without proper rest, it only gets weaker. The meditations we coach grant that necessary relief to your mind.

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Why It Works

Among other ways, the meditations we instruct shut down your "fearful" state (sympathetic system) and activate your "healing" state (parasympathetic system). This makes stress hormones decrease, and natural "feel good" hormones rise. Healing, symptom relief, and mental clarity appear naturally in this state.

Most of us live in our "fearful" state: unproductive thoughts rush and stress and anxiety are in overdrive. This state becomes addictive: you might even believe "it's normal". When this is sustained, all sorts of problems are created-including health ones.

And it simply gives you the power to relax & focus by yourself, ultimately giving you the quality of life you want.

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Benefits You'll Quickly Notice

  • Stress and anxiety relief.

  • Mental clarity and focus.

  • Emotional stability and joy.



What Science Says

You'll be able to select the benefits you want to define the best meditation for you.

Research on Meditation
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"...mind wandering in our sample was generally the cause, and not merely the consequence, of unhappiness." (full study)

Anxiety relief after one session (full study)



What do I Need to Learn to Meditate?

You already have all you need. Common misconceptions include the need of a specific body posture, chair, or having to be "good at stopping thoughts". Do you have 5 minutes a day? You have all you need to improve your life with meditation.

All meditations are simplified enough for beginners to do. Depending on the benefits you seek, your meditation technique can involve managing your inner dialogue, your attention, or your breath. All in a slow and natural way. We teach meditation for health and performance only (non-spiritual). You'll be amazed by how simple practices can be so powerful.


Start Meditating

Different types of meditation
  • Select all the meditation benefits you need relief with and want. They will be matched to the best meditation technique for you with scientific research.

Goal-oriented (sports, business...)
Meditation for depression
meditation techniques for beginners
  • Based on our coach's expertise, questions will be asked to further customize your meditation. You can solve any doubts you may have.

  • If we are able to help and it works for you: payment conducted and 1st session scheduled.

Learn to meditate for beginners
  • The 2 sessions can be taken from home, or anywhere you want. All you need is a webcam and a place where you can relax without interruptions.

  • Everything is designed for beginners. You will learn to meditate in an effortless way, without a possible way of doing it wrong. With your personal coach's support, meditation will fit into your life naturally (including length and time of day). And instead of learning a "one-size-fits-all" technique, you'll learn the best one for what you need.

  • You won't have to rely on mobile apps, recordings, or instructors. You will be able to meditate by yourself. This is the most powerful way of doing it. And extra techniques will be taught by your personal coach to access the benefits of meditation anywhere (e.g.: being able to relax in any situation).

Meditation customized for your needs, plus 2 personal coaching sessions (50 mins each), for 160 total. Lifetime support. We care, thus only work with people we can genuinely help. If we are a good match, you will have all our support to get the best out of your meditation and improve your life. 

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